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Customer Review Sites

What Is A Review?

“If you are a business owner, we are sure this question must have crossed your mind. And to satiate your curiosity, let us answer this question.”

Reviews matter a lot.

And looking at the vast scope of reviews, we can safely say that customers thrive on information. Unless they have all sorts of information, nobody is interested in spending money on your business. And for the record, PowerReviews says that about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. And the immense bandwidth, many brands, and businesses focus on customer review platforms to fetch reviews for their businesses.

Taking this into account, in this blog, we will talk about the ten best customer review platforms that you need to know about. So get along and thank us later.

customer review sites

Terrific Customer Review Sites For Business And Product Reviews For Your Business:

Customer reviews are no joke. It can literally change the perception of people before they approach your business. Here are some of the handpicked online review sites you need to include in your marketing strategies.

#1. Google Reviews:

Leaving Google Reviews is an easy and simple process. And this makes it most accessible to most of the people out there. Google reviews can give your brand a quick boost in so many ways. Google Reviews can also help you in getting higher SERP rankings. But to get the most out of your Google reviews, you can also embed Google review widget on your website. This will invite and encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business.

#2. Facebook Reviews:

Facebook Reviews is also known as Facebook recommendations. Facebook Reviews can help you build communities, and expand your online presence. Since. Facebook has 2.85 billion users all over the world; it has the power to attract more customers for your business. You can also embed Facebook review widget into your website as social proof for your business.

#3. Airbnb Reviews:

As someone in the hospitality business, you must step into Airbnb. And looking at its scope, you can also ask for reviews from your customers on Airbnb reviews. Moreover, you can also opt for an Airbnb review widget on the website. This will help you have an authenticated presence in the industry.

#4. Yelp Reviews:

Established in 2004, Yelp is a crowd-sourced local business review platform. This platform is dedicated to individual locations, such as salons, restaurants, schools, etc. Yelp users can leave a review in the form of stars from one star to five. As a local business owner, you can embed Yelp review widget on the website and show the trustable factor of your prospective customers.

#5. Capterra Reviews:

Capterra reviews is an online review platform where B2B sellers can connect with potential buyers. This platform also offers a review management system and review generation for the vendors.

#6. Etsy Reviews:

Etsy is an online marketplace that primarily sells vintage items, handmade goods, and art. And if you are an Etsy seller, you can easily use Etsy reviews. For example, you can embed Etsy reviews widget on your website so that people can trust your business easily.

#7. Trustpilot:

Trustpilot is a platform open for all customers to business owners. It helps businesses to connect with customers using genuine feedback. The platform helps businesses collect reviews to engage with their customers, fix problems, and achieve success by improving their services.

#8. G2 Reviews:

G2 being the most trusted software marketplace helps millions of people to make smart software decisions based on the reviews given by the users. G2 is like Yelp but in a specific niche. When a user leaves a review, you can see whether the reviewer is a verified user.

#9. GoodFirms:

Good Firms is a B2B research and review platform. This platform connects service seekers with the right software and service providers.

This platform analyzes the top-performing companies based on three criteria. These are quality, reliability, and ability.

#10. Manta:

Manta is a customer review website primarily focusing on small to medium businesses. Besides, rather than showcasing top reviews, Manta showcases the reviews on top based on the relevance of the keywords.

Now that you know the best customer review platforms, let us talk about how important it is to have customer reviews for businesses of any niche.

#11. Tripadvisor Reviews:

Tripadvisor Reviews are user-generated evaluations and comments about hotels, restaurants, attractions, and various travel-related services and experiences posted on the popular travel website and app called TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is a platform that allows travelers to research and plan their trips by providing information and recommendations based on the experiences of other travelers. Try to add Tripadvisor review to your business website.

Importance Of Customer Reviews Platform For Business:

A review platform is a website or application where people can submit reviews about a certain product, service or business. The reviews can be positive or negative and are usually written by customers or other users that have had experience with the product, service or business. They allow individuals to share their opinion and experiences with others, and can be used to help people make informed decisions about whether to purchase a certain product, service or patronize a certain business.

Customer reviews are your 24X7 ambassador, even if you are not running marketing campaigns. Speaking of the benefits of online customer reviews, you should know that it first helps you to gain trustworthiness from your customers. Have a look at the detailed benefits of online reviews by customers.

a). Escalates Conversion Rates:

Ever thought of buying a product without reading its reviews? Who will take the risk? This is how the review increases the conversion rate of any business. It helps the customers to show confidence in your business without you having to preach the perks of your business.

b). Showcases Social Proof:

Humans do not have an independent brain when it comes to purchasing. They look for evidence if other people are buying your product and have good things to say about it. If they do, your prospective client will happily commit to you.

c). Improved Search Engine Optimization:

We understand that SEO rankings have been a headache for many business owners. And most of you must be struggling to crack its code. So, here is the secret sauce. The more people talk about your business online, the better your SEO ranking. Hence, it would help if you fetched as many reviews and feedback as possible for your business.

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In a Nutshell

Choosing the perfect customer review platforms can tremendously change the way your business. It will not only ease up your marketing efforts but also help in its effectiveness. And while we are talking about fetching reviews, you should know that you can also ask your customers to leave reviews on respective customer review platforms. Besides, once you have reviews, you should thank your customers.

You can also embed online reviews on your website. This will create a bandwagon effect among your customers.



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